Relentlessly focused on our mission to make lives better by placing healthy puppies into happy homes,  What Pomeranian USA   is the trusted service that connects dog lovers with responsible breeders nationwide.

There is almost no similarity between  What Pomeranian USA   and a pet store. Pet stores typically sell thousands of products for animals of all kinds. Our mission is simple and clear – to make lives better by placing healthy puppies into happy homes. While there are countless differences between  What Pomeranian USA   and a pet store, we will highlight a few of them here.

While finding a puppy used to be a local exercise where you were limited to the breeds and breeders near you regardless of their quality or experience,  Pomeranian USA   has changed all of that.  Pomeranian USA   was specifically designed to connect you with the perfect puppy for you, no matter where in the country you or the breeder live. As a result, in most cases, the first time you meet your new best friend is when he or she arrives in your home. That said, our transparent process is specifically designed to eliminate all the scary unknowns that often accompany looking for a new puppy, whether you are looking online or offline. From the start of the process when we screen, vet and qualify every breeder in our network, to our unmatched health and vaccination protocols, we do everything to ensure you receive a healthy puppy from a responsible source. And, we back all of that with an industry-leading health guarantee.

Although you will not visit your new family member before he or she travels to you, our team of puppy experts is committed to keeping you informed of milestones including your puppy’s health check, travel arrangements, and what your puppy is eating.

Our No Puppy Mill Promise sits at the core of what we do, and  Pomeranian USA   has a zero-tolerance policy for any organization or individual that practices or perpetuates inhumane treatment of animals. A “puppy mill” is an illegitimate source of puppies that places profit above the welfare of animals and, not only are puppy mills inhumane and cruel, but also typically operate in violation of the law or government regulations. Puppy mills need to be shut down. Period.

Pomeranian USA   dedicated Health Team is composed of experts on puppy and dog care. The  Pomeranian USA   Health Team uses a proprietary checklist to confirm and reconfirm that every puppy meets the company’s best-in-class health standards before the puppy travels to you. Among other things, before we clear any puppy to travel to its forever home, the puppy must undergo and pass a comprehensive nose-to-tail health evaluation and, after arriving home, another within two business days of arrival.